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  • For acting, preschool, and art classes, students should wear comfortable, school or dance-appropriate attire.

  • Bare feet or non-grip socks are not allowed at ANY TIME in the studio. All students MUST have the appropriate footwear for each class.

  • Jewelry must be removed before any dance or gymnastic class except for studs (non-hanging earrings) and jewelry that can not be removed for personal reasons. Please let the teacher know about non-removable jewelry before class begins. 

  • Any sweaters or overwear must be lightweight, comfortable, and non-distracting. Preferably in neutral colors.

  • Although we currently do not have any restrictions on colors or patterns, **solid dance colors such as black, beige/tan, baby pink, or white** are highly preferable and appreciated. This goes for all dancewear including leotards, ballet tights, outerwear, and dance shoes.



- Leotard.

- Pink, white, or tan ballet tights.

- Ballet shoes are required.
- Dance shorts and ballet skirts are allowed.
- Hair must be in a secure bun and loose strands pulled away from the face with clips, a headband, or gel/spray. For ballet classes mixed with gymnastics, a secure braid is allowed. 

All Other Dance and Gymnastics Classes:

Ballet attire listed above is acceptable for all classes.

- Comfortable and dance-appropriate shirts, leotards, pants, or shorts.

- Tap shoes are required for tap classes.

- Jazz shoes, grippy socks, ballet shoes, or jazz sneakers for other dance classes.

- Hair must be in a secure ponytail, braid, or bun and loose strands pulled away from the face with clips, a headband, or gel/spray.



Dress Code

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